HEL-CAT II Running Fish Reports
      Oct. 20,2013: On Monday Oct 14th we made our last Porgy trip for this year. As usual for this year that fishery was up and down like a yo yo. The Sunday trip was fabulous  and the Monday trip was back to picky. Glad we're away from that and back to the blues and bass.
       The schedule for Blues and Bass is now Friday, Saturday and Sunday sailing at 9AM, returning to the dock at 3PM. The fishing is as good as it gets. Because the blues are in so heavy and are so active (normal for this time of year) it is hard to get to the striped bass but there is a great story from this past weekend to warm the heart. We did get a couple of bass on Saturday. It's not how many or how big that made this so special. it was who caught it. Jacob Gratton, fishing with his own rod and reel along with his Mom and Dad won the pool with a 15 pound Striped Bass. Jake hooked the fish himself, reeled it in with just some rod support from Dad. Here's the kicker: Jake caught the fish two weeks before his 5th birthday! Now, for those of you who are always getting your reel messed up because you forget what your thumb is for, think of this. Little Jake fished all day without ever getting a birds nest. We usually reserve pictures for the picture page but this one has to go here. Enjoy!

Sept. 19, 2013: This is the news folks have been waiting for. It looks like the Porgy fishery has finally come together. Our last two trips were nothing short of spectacular and on today's trip we're pretty sure everyone limited out! So, if you've been hanging in the side lines waiting for the action to start, IT HAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boat sails every day at 7AM, no more excuses.
      Sept.4, 2013: Yesterday we started our daily Porgy and Sea Bass trips. Despite some pretty awful weather conditions consisting of intermittent thick fog punctuated by periods of Thunder, Lightning and torrential downpours, we did fairly well. Mixed bag on the Porgies, mostly jumbos and reasonable size keepers with a fairly small rate of throwbacks. Oodles of Black Sea Bass too, but 99% of them have to be thrown back. Today we did reasonably well for conditions as well. Big culprit today was a "good news and bad news" wind. Good news was that it was cool and dry making everyone feel good to be alive. Bad news was that it was messing up the drift a bit. In the end we were in good shape.  No one reached their limit but most came pretty close. Remember, Porgy trips sail at 7AM and return to the dock at 3PM EVERY DAY!   This schedule will remain in effect through the end of the Columbus Day weekend. See our "Trips and Prices" page for full details.

      July 1, 2013: Been some up and down in the fishery since the last report. In the last week that has been on the up grade and today it finally broke loose with a vengence. Bass and Blues all over the boat! We are now at the time of year that we present a weekly prize for the largest fish of the week. The Fish of the Week Award is a free trip and was taken yesterday with a 32 lb. Striped Bass. Remember that the boat sails every day at 9AM and returns to the dock at 3PM so there is no excuse for missing out on this great fishing.
      June 9, 2013: Since the last report we have been kind of busy. The Memorial Day Weekend went from a three day event to getting the Monday in. Weather took both the Sat and the Sun. Fishing was beyond good, boardering on excellent with a respectable catch of blues and a nice hit of good sized Striped Bass. The next weekend was OK as well, not quite as good but plenty good enough. Naturally this weekend was only half there due to the Tropical Storm that blew through her firday night into Sat morning. While it didn't seem so bad it did manage to scare off most of the people. Fished on Sunday, a beautiful day replete with varying shades of brown water courtesy of the storm. That had a negative effect on the fishery. We caught something every place we stopped but getting the fish to keep coming on a steady basis was not in the cards.
       We're not to upset about is as it is a very temporary situation. This coming weekend, June 15th, will be the start of our full time Banker's Hours Special trips sailing every day at 9Am and returning to the dock at 3 PM fishing to Striped Bass and blues.
       May 20, 2013: This past weekend we started our Banker's Hours Special trips at 9 AM. For now we are  on a Sat., Sun. Holidays schedule. This coming weekend is Memorial Day so we will be sailing on Monday the 27th of May as well as the Sat. and Sun.  How was the fishing you ask? OK but tough as it always is this early. We had to take a couple of loooong rides to get blues over the rail and we did get some. As a matter of fact we had the pleasant surprise on Sunday of nailing three nice Week Fish. Haven't seen them for awhile. The whole thing with mid May fishing is that they are where they want to be when they want to be there. If you make the connection it is very good. If you're off just a little bit in the tide it is picky. Add to that the weakest tides of the month and it spells pick. We're looking forward to this next weekend because traditionally the Bass move into the Race area and we will also have the "fish preferred" tide to fish on.             
       If you have not already noticed it, we added a new page to this web site. It is the "History" page and it contains pictures with comments about the boats of this business since its inception in 1946. It is very interesting as some of the pictures show not only the boats as they changed but also development of coastal land showing in the background. The last part of the page is devoted to a pictorial log with written descriptions of the actual construction of Hel-Cat II. Enjoy!
Jacob Gratton with his proud dad Jason, showing the 15 lb. bass young Jake caught. One of the regulars asked the young man what he was going to do with the money he won. His answer? " I'm going to buy a Bass Boat." Photo courtesy of proud Mom Caroline.