HEL-CAT II Running Fish Reports
        April 17, 2014: Well, that was some kind of Winter! As many of you know, vessels like Hel-Cat II (Coast Guard Inspected to carry more that 6 passengers for hire) are required to undergo a drydock inspection every two years. That was due before the end of Dec., 2013. In mid Dec. we took the boat to the yard up in Fairhaven, MA. She was hauled, blocked and set up with shore power. A few days later Coast Guard inspected her, gave her a clean bill of health and departed. The yard then started the paint maintenance work that needed to be done. That's when all Hell broke loose with the weather. The yard would work between the bad weather. Sometines the weather was OK but the snow was melting and running down all over the rest of the boat so no paint work could be done. Other times the sun was out and there was no run off but it was too cold for the paint to dry. At one point after water blasting the main deck (water blasting replaces sand blasting to remove old coatings back to the bare steel) and getting it primed, the boat sat for over a month before there was a warm enough day to apply the non skid surface. And so it went in what appeared to be a never ending cycle. Finally, on April 11th we were able to launch and bring the boat home to Groton. Then, just to give us another salute, yesterday we woke up to a half inch of ice pellets all over everything. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Take a look at our "Trips and Prices" page. There have been some changes since last year. Notably, we will continue our 9AM to 3PM Blue and Bass trips through to the end of the season. This will accomodate the folks who want to avoid the summer vacation rush and take advantage of what is usually the prime part of the Blues and Bass season. We are also expanding the very popular "Afternoon Fluke, Sea Bass and Porgy" trips starting the first Saturday in July this year. We have an arrangement with the Groton City Police for the night of the Fireworks that will allow our passengers to leave after we ruturn to the dock. In the past we were not able to run this trip on that night because the road was made into a "pedestrian mall" after 6 PM . Also changed, after Labor Day the boat will be available for large groups to charter during weekdays for whatever kind of fish they want to persue. The open boat schedule will still be in place as listed but we will post any days that the boat becomes chartered, so if you are planning to come during the week after Labor Day, check this web site and or call ahead to make sure we are open that day.
      That's about it for now. We are looking forward to some warmer weather and getting back to chasing fish instead of snow. I don't think we are alone in that feeling. See you aboard!   

Jacob Gratton with his proud dad Jason, showing the 15 lb. bass young Jake caught. One of the regulars asked the young man what he was going to do with the money he won. His answer? " I'm going to buy a Bass Boat." Photo courtesy of proud Mom Caroline.
                                  Picture from 2013