The Hel-Cat II is the 5th vessel to be owned within the Glas family. Those of you familiar with the Glas family know they started in Montauk in 1946. The first vessel owned was a converted 38' wooden yacht named  Frances Anne. After that came the Helen, a 47' wooden ex-rum runner. The first custom built steel vessel was Helen II  followed by the Hel-Cat (famous steel catamaran) that made its mark in the 1970's and 80's by running trips from CT to Block Island and Montauk for monster blues, codfish and fluke. No one has ever forgotten about her trips to the secret Alligator Ledge.

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Fishing Grounds: No matter what your favorite fish is, the Hel-Cat II fishes on some of the richest grounds around. We can fish the Race and Plum Gut to Watch Hill, Montauk and Block Island. We not only have these areas within easy traveling distance, we have over 75 continuous years of experience behind us that has enabled us to assemble a big library of family secret spots. In the last few years changes in the migratory patterns have changed so most of our fishing is done at Montauk or Block Island. Some times in the early part of the season we have to run to the west in order to produce fish. That run is as long as the Block Island run so for at least the near future the idea of a 40 minute run to the grounds is no longer viable and as a result most of our trips have become longer.

Crew: The Hel-Cat II is not just family owned, it's family operated. Captain Brad Glas and his son Captain Preston Glas both grew up in the business and have been fishing since they were able to walk. They are full-time fishermen and fishing is their only business. The mates on the Hel-Cat II are tenured. Stef has been working on the boat for over 25 years. 

Jacob Gratton with his proud dad Jason, showing the 15 lb. bass young Jake caught. One of the regulars asked the young man what he was going to do with the money he won. His answer? " I'm going to buy a Bass Boat." Photo courtesy of proud Mom Caroline.
                                  Picture from 2013